Played for the prez

Yesterday was the big day.  An amazing spectacle of politicians doing what politicians do best, besides spending other peoples money on whatever people want. 

I am not a Democrat.

I am not a Republican.

I am sure the hell not a socialist, communist, collectivist, or most other tags that end in “ist”.

I do know a class act when I see one. 

Wouldn’t it be great if we could cut Democrats in half and get rid of the left side, cut Republicans in half and get rid of the right side and glue the dumb bastard back together? Maybe it would make a Frankenstein monster that would behave a little less foolish.  Ok, it would be funny looking, but most politicians are a bit funny looking anyway.

The Inauguration in general was done well, with style, and with out as much falderal, claptrap, and twaddle as I expected.  The Bush administration seemed to be gracious, quietly departed the scene.  The crowds didn’t boo or hiss upon his departure, however there was a lot of cheering.  Kind of like the cheer that workers want to express when a nasty boss finally gets fired.  Sure he was nasty and uncomfortable but hey he was the boss and well now we have a new one.  We will see what the future holds. 

Everyone seemed to be happy, cheery, hopeful, and satisfied. Sometimes when a person is sick all they need is a feel good moment.  Maybe it is just what this nation needs, a political placebo.  Or maybe this new administration has some strange new medicine that we as a nation needs but tastes really awful. 

May we live in interesting times.


Sure the inauguration was great, but I had my eyes on the Parade.  Hey, it’s my son out there freezing his trumpet off, he deserves my attention.


In order not to miss the performance of the Windsor High School Marching Band, I watched every single band preceding them.  Oh my god there was a lot of bands.  My lovely wife watched from work.  She goes home at 4:30pm, at 4:28pm the band finally marches in front of the observation platform.  What a deal.


I am so proud of my son, the WHS marching band, and all of the people that helped make this happen.

It was a bit late, and a bit cold, and probably quite tiring but they made it to the end in style.  I am sure most people who watched the inauguration didn’t make it to the last few bands but that’s not important.  I saw them live on TV and they were great.

Hereis a link to the performance.  You will have to suffer through an annoying commercial for 15 seconds before the video begins.  The commercials rotate so I can only warn you about one.  The commercial with with Sunny Lubic is truly anoying.



Many thanks for the photos by Spudgun.  You da man!

Correction:  It was Spudgun’s father that took the photos!  Thanks JWMII for the picutres.


3 thoughts on “Played for the prez

  1. I liked your comments on labels. Too quickly used to put others in their place, or find a comfortable place for ourselves to be in. Without being an “ist” we open ourselves up to be a true thinker, though.

    Also like to hear from a proud dad. Very nice.

    From Gin @

  2. S. Le says:

    Absolute coolness. Awesome experience for your son. Something he’ll never forget.

  3. planetross says:

    Very Cool! That’s an amazing experience!

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