Band news

My wife and I just bought a DVR machine.  We have been reluctant to purchase one due to an unfortunate incident with a DVR that we bought when the technology was first introduced.  We got one from Best Buy just in time for me to spend a few fun filled hours figuring out that it was impossible to hook up properly with out a cable box. 


I hate to admit it but I actually took the advice from the kid at Best Buy rather than carefully reading the instructions and doing the proper amount of research.  I am ashamed.


So after some creative exchanges and returns we managed to get a DVR that does exactly what we wanted it to do.  Record our son playing in the marching band on the national mall for CBS morning news.  Just in time indeed. 


The next major recording session will be the inauguration parade.  Unfortunately I will be at work (I will try to get out early) but do have the DVR set to start recording at 3pm Eastern time to cover anything I may miss before I get home. 


My son is having a marvelous time.  For details on their adventures please visit their (Blog) that the students are working on. 


As a side note we do get interesting text messages from my son at odd times. 


My wife, who enjoys collecting faceted gemstones, both rare and common, received a text from my son with a photo of a small white thing in a protective case.   The text said “It’s a photo of the Hope Diamond, hope your not too jealous”


I tried calling him last night to say hi.  He said he had to get off the phone because he was at an important dinner with a congresswoman. 


It’s a tough job but someone has to do it.





2 thoughts on “Band news

  1. Our neighbors keep telling us to get a DVR, but I can’t bring myself to pay a subscription fee when I hardly ever even record anything on the VCR we already have …

  2. Did he get a job on a subcommittee?!

    Bravo to the band! I watched for them today but alas, missed em.

    -Turkish Prawn

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