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Imagine you work for a relatively dysfunctional company and every four years you get a new CEO.   And since you work for a progressive company, you get a say on who is hired.    Dozens of emails show up in your inbox every day.  You open one and it contains a nice letter with a short work history, some core values, and how he / she will bring the company around to profitability.  Then, near the bottom of the email, there is one statement that is batshit crazy.

“…and during my time with Super Logic Systems, I managed to turnaround the business to profitability in only 6 months.  And my family and I believe it is everybody’s god given right to slap a Hindu on even days that end in Y.  On odd days we eat nothing but pickles”


Now imagine that every single candidate for the job has at least one crazy belief, sometimes dozens.

This is how I feel about the presidential race.