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Danish breakfast

I love bacon, but then who doesn’t?  Oh yea vegetarians.  Describing bacon to a vegetarian would be like describing a rainbow to a blind person.  Either they can’t possibly understand, it would  be a hurtful reminder of their disability.  Sorry, being a vegetarian is not a disability; it is more like a self-inflicted wound that improves their health.  A scar that they want to show off, but no one wants to see.


I did an internet search looking for some information about Denmark.  It was there that I found out that Denmark is known for Danish Bacon.  I know what Canadian bacon is, but what is Danish Bacon? Well it is simply the same as American Bacon, but better.  American bacon comes from the belly of the beast.  But Danish bacon is from the loin, a much leaner cut.  And yes it tastes great.  For more information click here.

I just love the breakfasts they serve in the hotels.  I have been to about six different hotels in Denmark over the last few years and they all serve the same basic fare for breakfast.  Scrambled eggs, bacon and toast are available; however, believe this is generally for western visitors.  I like the more traditional Danish fare, like salami and ham, good baked bread, soft cheese, melons, pastries, and strong coffee.  With a side of Danish Bacon.

I am really enjoying eating open faced salami sandwich made with soft stinky cheese and onions, for breakfast.  Add in some fruit juice and strong coffee and I am in heaven.  I have a plan to make my lovely wife a nice Danish breakfast when I get home.

I imagine it will look something like my breakfast in Viborg.  No Bacon, but plenty of salami and onions.


I will probably make bacon as well.  But it won’t be Danish bacon.

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