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Bronco’s fever


Bronco’s fever is starting to bother me.  The morning news is so infected with supporting the Denver team that it seems that they are more interested in advertising than news.  At one point 9-News sent a reporter to a sporting goods store to cover an important news story.  There were hats on a table in a sporting goods store.  News flash:  “People were working all night to stock tables with stupid overpriced hats with a Bronco’s emblem sewed on the front!  You better hurry or they will all be gone”

They could have used this opportunity to look into a more intriguing story.  Specifically, why people would want to buy a Baseball hat for a Football game?  Oh, and this was reported first thing in the morning after the Bronco’s victory over the Patriots.  Hats cannot be made and distributed to stores overnight.   This implies that the hats were made long ago, before the game, maybe weeks ago.  I have to assume that there were also thousands of Patriot’s hats made as well.

This makes me wonder.  What happens to all the hats, T-shirts, lunch boxes, flags, and such that were made to celebrate a team’s victory, but became instantly irrelevant when they lost?  So I did a search and found what you would expect.  A charitable organization gathers up the hundreds of thousands of shirts, hats, gloves, and such and ships them off to people in need in other countries.

This was not surprising; it’s a good thing to clothe those in need.  However, I also believe that there is a market here in the US for such products.  I for one would love to buy a discount T shirt that says “Panthers the Super bowl 50 champions! “, if the Bronco’s win.  Or vice a versa.

I did a search and couldn’t find anything, just biggest looser t shirts, which I found kind of ironic.


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