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Midweek day off

One of the things I enjoy about my new job is that my schedule is rather flexible.  No, I can’t come and go as I please, but I can schedule my week just about any way I like as long as I get in 40 hours.  This time I chose to work four ten hour days, with wednesday off rather than Friday or Monday.  At first I did this because my co-workers already have their schedules and enjoy the same four ten hour schedule, one has Monday off and the other Friday.  We need to have week long coverage, and since I am the new guy my choices were Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.  I find it kind of nice to have what seems like two Fridays every week.  Anyway this week got messed up because I had an important class on Wednesday so I had to take Thursday off in place of my normal Wednesday.

So I am spending some of this morning updating and cleaning up my blog.  I added another story to my Coffee Mug Shot page and updated my Steam punk projects page to include more detailed photos of my LED matrix project along with my minion maker.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them.

Oh, and I am also deleting a few from my blog roll who haven’t updated their blogs, and deleting some links to pages I no longer hold any passion for.

The for the rest of my day I will probably work in my now greatly downsized FUBR labs.  Lets just say that it is now much more lean and efficient.  At the same time FUBR labs is becoming more steam-punk like in small increments. I can’t wait to move and dive in to the deep end.



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