Good bye Facebook

Yesterday I deleted my Facebook account.

For the last several weeks I have been going through the effort of snoozing people. If I found their posts to be personally irritating I clicked the snooze for 30 days. It took almost a week to weed out the crap news, reposted political claptrap, postalizing Jesus posts, conspiracy BS, and general whining about what’s wrong in the world. I was left with about three friends and two groups.

Things were fine for a while, until the 30 days were up. Then I started another round of snoozing. I was starting to become disappointed in my fellow man. Especially those who I consider my friends. Not just “Facebook friends”, but those I actually interact with in person.

I understand that even good friends have differing opinions, and I welcome a friendly discussion or debate. But I began to see that some posts resembled a person holding a sign on a street corner yelling at passing pedestrians. It’s an image that doesn’t suit my friends.

Sure, I could have just not opened the App and carried on with my day. But it’s addicting, like slowing down to look at a car wreck. So it had to be cold turkey.

So, if you happen to be one of the minority of people who read this and use Facebook…. well, you will just have to use another method to stay in touch. I will try to do my part as well.

I don’t have anything against social media, in theory. It’s just that I have found that when people have a conversation they generally take their audience into consideration. It’s called being polite and respectful. Social media unintentionally removes this. So I am removing myself from social media. Just Facebook for now.


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