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My Horoscope.

I think horoscopes are bullshit.  I am sure that they are accurate for someone.  But with the number of people divided up among only 12 months in the year the odds are quite small to get any predictions even close.  A blind squirrel will eventually find a nut, but most will die from trying.  When you ignore the year someone was born, the geographical location, race, gender, environment, culture, and occupation you’re opening yourself to inaccuracies.  But accuracies are not even really the point of Horoscopes.  For me it is all about if they are appropriate, not accurate.  I can buy into some bullshit and even buy into vague advice, but it has to be in the ballpark.

I think it would be much better if the horoscopes were targeted, like google ads.  They should be written by a giant computer someplace that monitors your profile, activities, frequently visited websites, geographic location, occupation, Facebook status, and other indicators.  All of this information would get crunched through some algorithm and give you much more accurate bullshit.

Or you can read the daily Dilbert comic.  This works best on weekdays.  Dilbert rarely applies to weekend activities.  But Monday – Friday it is just about spot on. For me.  I think Dilbert is much more accurate than normal horoscopes.  There are already many similarities that increase the odds of being accurate.  And it is always appropriate.

Dilbert profile: North American white male working for a large company inside a cubicle for the engineering department.

My profile:  North American white male working for a large company inside a cubicle for an engineering department.

Dilbert comic mirrors my activities at work so closely that it seems as if the writer is secretly monitoring our activities.  This is a frequent comment on the comic’s website.  Which the author uses for feedback to write future comics.  A never ending circle of appropriate, if not accurate predictions.

I guess in the end even Dilbert is bullshit, but the odds are better than horoscopes.

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