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Vitamin surprise.

Two routines collided today while I was talking to a colleague at work. It left a bad taste in my mouth.

It started this morning when my wife selected my morning vitamins. We have about six bottles of different vitamins in our cupboard, and without putting on my glasses and doing some online research I wouldn’t know which to take. I would probably resort to taking one of each, just to be sure. So I rely on my lovely wife to sort through the pills and put out the three pills I am supposed to take each morning. Not sure why I take them other than the simple fact that she lays them out on the counter next to my coffee travel mug. So I put the vitamins in my pocket on my way to work. The reason I don’t take them right then and there is I have had bad experiences taking vitamins with hot coffee. But that is another story. I usually find something to chase down the vitamins during the day, most of the time during lunch.

Later in the morning I was enjoying a small bag of trail mix. By enjoying I mean I was picking out the little candy parts and sorting them on my desk in order of tastiness. This is another routine of mine, I don’t like the mix, but I do enjoy the individual components. The peanuts and raisins I left in the bag. The M&Ms, French burnt peanuts, and Boston baked beans I put in separate piles. I snacked on the brown sweet coated peanuts. Eventually I was called down to the factory floor to meet with a colleague about a broken process. So I put a hand full of Boston baked beans in my pocket. I completely forgot about the vitamins in the same pocket.

So while I am discussing production safety processes with my colleague, I am playing Russian roulette with my taste buds. Each time I pull a candy out of my pocket the odds of it not being a candy increases. I am blissfully unaware of my impending fate. Then suddenly right in the middle of a conversation about the proper technique to lock out a robotic paint machine, my teeth crunch down on what I thought was a Boston baked bean. It was a multi vitamin that had all the wonderful taste of an aspirin mixed with the sugary goodness of the previous candy. At that moment there was a distinct disconnect between what my brain was thinking about the taste and what my tongue was telling my brain. My first thought was, what is wrong with this candy? Then a smaller crunch happened as I kept chewing. Another smaller vitamin happened to be in the vicinity. Vitamin D, I am sure if it. My only thought at the time was, “chew and endure…”

If you ever find yourself having to chew up a vitamin and it isn’t labelled with Flintstone characters, don’t do it. These things are nasty. Also, eating more Boston Baked beans do not help much. My colleague noticed the look on my face. She said, “You look like you just ate a bug”. I think a bug may have tasted better.


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