I am a 50 something, Electronics and BAS Specialist working for Denver University.

I started using this forum to practice writing while taking English classes in College, about ten years ago.  Since then I have made many changes to my life, watched my kids leave home, and still periodically dabble in educating myself.  Most of the time my education is simply through figuring things out that I need to know, but sometimes I actually take classes at the local college either online or on campus.  Yes I am one of those old guys the young students see ducking in and out of classrooms late at night.  Like education golems, we lurk in the shadows, trying not to look like examples of why people should go straight to college from high school.

Why Prairie flounder?  Why Sky fishing?  What you seek is here.

I created this blog primary for writing practice, but over the years it has become a way for me to communicate with family, friends, and colleges from all over the world.

With this blog I simply share my life and views with the world at large.  According to the statistics that WordPress compiles that world is rather small, but filled with thoughtful and kind people.  Thanks.  So long story short, I will continue to provide photos, stories, and share what I feel strongly about to whoever stumbles upon this blog.


What I do feel strongly about is freedom.  The kind of freedom to do interesting things with chemicals, electricity, and kinetic energy.  This is what I enjoy most.  This usually involves violent reactions of one kind or another. It’s also the kind of freedom to make mistakes and take the consequences for my actions.


-pf and lovely wife

I am a prior member of the USAF and served my country as a combat engineer and was trained in welding, sheet metal work, and general mechanics, operated heavy equipment, and spent all my time either building or repairing things.

I also learned to use explosives and become an expert marksman.

And, somehow, I have been  honorably discharged three times.  After discharge from the Air Force I became involved with heating and air conditioning, control systems, energy management, electronics, and computer programming.

I am now involved with commercial fireworks,  Robot building, Steam Punk art,  and in my spare time I am working on my education with a goal of getting some kind of four year degree.  Which is taking a bit longer than anticipated….

So if you find yourself in Northern Colorado and want to have some fun that may not be legal at home, feel free to look me up.

North 40 53.119’   West 104 38.324’
Come out for the noise, stay for the quiet.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. caveblogem says:

    The pumpkin picture rocks. I hope to meet you on the prairie soon. For now, the blogosphere will have to do. –Cave Blogem

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  3. razzbuffnik says:

    Rockets…… mmmmmmm!

    I love all that stuff. One of these days, I’d like to go to Florida and watch a space shuttle take off.

    More power to you!

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