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Extra 7” is so worth it.


Last weekend I did a quick jaunt to Las Vegas on a Consulting gig.  Left on Sunday morning and returned Sunday evening.  Yes, mother’s day.  We celebrated early by painting the back of our house.  My wife is such a lucky girl.

Anyway, I flew on Frontier Airlines and found myself in the new Stretch seating.  And when they say stretch they mean int.  7” of extra leg room!  The last time I was this comfortable flying on a plane I was in a KC135 lying on a pile of duffel bags, nestled like a bug in, well canvas.  Anyway, it was great to have leg room.  This is something that the average person doesn’t have to deal with as much as I do.  Because well, I am above average. Height that is.  My legs are about 37” long, long enough so that when I buy pants the longest ones off the shelf still look like I am preparing for a flood.

It seems that normal seating in the “economy section” of any plane has been sized to the distance between the back of my ass and the seat back in front of me is exactly the same distance as the front of my knee to the back of my ass.  In other words, if the person reclines even a millimeter I have to move my knees to the side to keep from being crushed.  Even one inch would be a huge improvement over 0.

But 7” is almost ridiculous.  I felt spoiled.  I felt like I was in the really skinny version of first class.  And the crew of the airline were just great.  Somehow they sounded a little sarcastic and snarky every time they went over the PA system. It was quite refreshing.   When they talked about how to use the flotation devices, they were honest and serious, but had to add in that we were flying over a zillion miles of desert.  But you never know.  We may just crash in Lake Mead.  I also liked how the stewardess had to tell me that since I am seated on the exit isle I needed to say yes to her question.  She said that the instructions were in the seat back in front of us, understand.  We said yes one at a time.

It was so cute.

Anyway, the 7” of extra space more than made up for the flight delay due to the snow storm in Denver, and the rough landing in Las Vegas due to horrible winds our of LA.  And the rough turbulence over the Rockies and the four point touch down in Denver that actually caused a woman to scream, and then laugh.  Which was kind of funny, after the plane stopped.

Oh and if anyone was curious.  I didn’t gamble.  Which was kind of an achievement due to the fact that I was stuck in the terminal for three hours and slot machines were everywhere in the terminal.  Including the most irritating slot machine of all.  Yes, the Wheel of Fortune machine.  Which said in a loud crowd like voice “Wheel of Fortune” every three and a half minutes.  Exactly 51 times the machine said “Wheel of Fortune” before I could get on the plane.  I counted.

Once I sat down in the plane and stretched out in the extra 7” of pure luxury, even the sound of the slot machines went away.  Once airborne I slept the hour to Denver like the dead.  Which was kind of sad since I really wanted to enjoy those extra 7”.


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