Its cold.

How cold?


Felix cant say, his lips are frozen into a perpetual grin.  Kind of like a Tiki Joker.


I do have a thermometer.


Yes, we do have dual pane glass windows, but at this temp it doesn’t keep the frost outside. 


I drove my newly decorated HPM in to work yesterday.  It was a bit chilly inside, I put an electric heater in the cab for a half an hour to warm it up before setting out to work at 4:30am.  Yes, I help shovel snow on campus so I have to get there before the leather shoe crowd shows to slip and fall and blame the snow crew fro their bruised asses.  Anyway the heater managed to get the cab up to a balmy 14 degrees, believe it or not it helped.

I am looking forward to our little trip back west for Christmas.  We will be leaving (Weather permitting) for California on Sunday, should be an interesting drive through Wyoming, Utah, and Nevada.  No I am not taking the HPM.  If I did we would arrive sometime on Wednesday frozen to the wheel, white knuckled, and exhausted from the drive. 



3 thoughts on “Chillin

  1. planetross says:

    That’s a bit too cold for me. I think I suffer through a few weeks of -10 celcius (14 farenheit) every few years, but you live in a place where the HeatMeister don’t visit in the winter.
    I used to live in a place like where you live: it was actually quite nice with a lot of sunny very cold days. Sunny days at any temperature are better than wet cloudy overcast weather for months on end at 5 celcius (41 farenheit).

    Ross, your right of course. The coldest I have ever been was in Europe particularly England. It seemed as if it was allways 5 degrees C and overcast with a chilly damp wind blowing up my pant’s leg. Bbrrrr.

  2. S. Le says:

    Brilliant putting lights on your vintage van. It looks awesome. I can’t believe it’s so cold there already! Wow! It was 16 F here last night and I thought THAT was cold!

  3. Tony says:

    Wait a moment I’ll check my converter program, I can’t think in farenheit….

    I’m back.
    That’s minus 25 Celcius

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