Customer service USPS vs SparkFun!



Ready….   Fight!


SparkFun electronics is an electronics retailer and web store located right outside of Boulder Colorado. It’s only about a 30 minute drive from my house.  They have no show room, but all their parts are available online.  Their website is excellent, ordering system is fantastic, and I am constantly impressed by their product support, innovation, and speedy delivery.

On March 24th I placed an order with SparkFun for some electronic do-dads.  This is not unusual, I generally place an order about every 5 or 6 weeks to feed my various hobbies and interests.  This one was no different than most, with the exception that I didn’t get the order in the usual timely fashion.

On around April 4th I began to suspect something was wrong with the delivery and went online to see what was up with the order FedEx tracking was pretty helpful.  My package was delivered from Boulder, to a FedEx distribution center, then driven 30 miles to the local post office.  So far so good.  Of course I had to go to the USPS website to find out where it went from there.  Their site said that it was delivered on the 30th of March.  I disagree.

So I gave it a few more days.  I sent a note to SparkFun customer service asking what would be the best option and they said to register the package as lost with the USPS and if they couldn’t find it SparkFun would send me a replacement.

So on April 4th I went to the USPS website to register a lost package.  This process was like registering for a passport.  They wanted more information than I necessary to buy a handgun.  After this long and painful process I finally received an email from the USPS with a reference number and a do not reply to this email message.  On April 16, I contacted SparkFun and told them that the USPS had no news on the package and to please send me a replacement.  I received this order two days later.  No charge.

Now it’s the 28th of April.  Last night I checked the mail and the original package arrived from the USPS.  Cool.  Then this morning I got an email from the USPS.

The US Postal Service® received the search request you submitted and it’s being processed. Your package has not yet been recovered, but every effort is being made to locate your item(s).

Search Request Details:

Request Date: 04/06/2017

It took the post office over 20 days to send me an email to tell me that every effort is being made to locate the item that they delivered yesterday?

I contacted SparkFun this morning and told them that I am willing to pay for the package.  I also thanked them for their outstanding customer service and asked them if it was possible to pick up future orders at their factory.



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