Road trip 2015

We are heading out on a road trip starting when I get home from work this evening. (In about two hours)

Denver, Kansas City, St Louis, Indianapolis, Columbus, Wheeling, then under Pittsburgh, through Somerset, and around the Appalachian mountains, to Fredrick, Rockville, and finally into Washington DC.

Part of the trip is to stop at as many road side attractions as possible.

For example in Kansas we hope to visit the World’s Largest Czechoslovakian Egg. And in Lawrence Kansas we hope to stop at the Museum of the Odd.  There are many other places along the way that will ensure a lively trip.

On the other hand there are places I wish desperately to avoid.  If at all possible I would like to avoid eating at a single Waffle House.  Also I wish to avoid staying at any hotel with a number in its name.  Road side rest areas are also quite the adventure and can’t wait to see if any state can lower the bar below Nevada.  Nevada rest stops rival most third world countries in regards to scary places to “recycle” coffee.

Then there is an issue that is relevant to only Colorado and Washington.  My wife and I have a wager on how many miles after we enter Kansas before we get pulled over by the police.  From what I hear, the police in Kansas and Nebraska believe that anyone driving a car with Colorado plates is either smuggling pot, high on pot, or both.  My guess is we get pulled over within 50 miles of the border; she is more optimistic and is going for over 50 miles.  The prize is getting to pick the playlist for the next 50 miles.

I will update periodically with photos and stories about our adventures on I70 going east.  I have done I70 west until the road ends.  We have also explored I80 going west until we ran out of road.  Maybe on our way home we will do I80, but right now it’s I70 all the way to DC.

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One thought on “Road trip 2015

  1. S. Le says:

    Where are the photos?? I have never eaten at a Waffle House and hope to never.

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