My spam folder

Every once in a while, just for giggles, I like to check my spam folder. WordPress is really quite good at catching spam comments and segregating them. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to check out how creative spammers can be. Here is one I got on January 27th from African Mango Seed Extract:

Ɗo you mіnd iif I quote а few of your рosts as long
ass I ρrovіde credit and sources back tto your webloց?
My աebsite is in thhe exact samе niche as yоuurs
and my visіtors would truly benefit from some
of the information yօu present here. Please let me know
if this alright with you. Regards!

So there are a few things I can gleam from the “writing style” of this spammer. My first thought is that English is not their first language. However, a human may not have written this at all. I find it interesting that if you ignore the spelling and unusual letters it reads just fine. Second, if a human wrote this, he or she does not use Google translate or spell check. But why would a program make the simple mistake of writing a comment with out checking?

Also I found two different fonts, it is primarily written in Arial, but there is a few letters tossed in using Sylfaen. I looked it up and found that this typeface was designed by John Hudson in Wales. It was designed to support Latin, IPA, Cyrillic, Greek, Armenian, Georgian, and Ethiopian characters. With that information I would have to guess that African Mango Seed Extract comes from Ethiopia. Lastly it looks like the comment was not targeted, but simply sent to me randomly.

I would like to think that an e-mail targeted advertising program would at least target blogs that may have some link to their pitch. African Mango Seed Extract has never been a subject of this blog. In fact I do not believe that I have ever used the words African, Mango, Seed, or Extract in any of the 700+ posts that I have written over the last 9 years. So I have to assume that it was totally random.

According to my Akismet stats they have blocked 693 spam comments over the last 6 months. The comment above was one of two in my pending folder. I don’t know what algorithm Akismet uses but it seems to work. They boast an accuracy rate of 99,86% At least the program allows a few to sneak by and end up in my pending folder.


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