Behind the Myths tour 2015

Last night we went to see the Mythbusters Behind the Myths tour.  It was a great show, a bit juvenile, but still really entertaining.  The show was a birthday gift to my new daughter in law, but I probably enjoyed it more that she did.  After all Jamie and Adam are a part of my generation (or close enough) and I have been an admirer of those guys since the beginning.

A friend of mine, who has been to a Mythbusters show before, said that it was kind of for kids and had more conversations with the audience than real demonstrations, he didn’t seem to like the show much.  But I enjoyed the conversations.  Jamie and Adam are not celebrities to me, more like some cool friends with tools and resources that I can only dream of having.  Adam in particular was fascinating to me.  The way he worked the crowd and his enthusiasm for all things geeky was and is an inspiration to me.

At one point Adam wanted to take a photo of the audience in panorama for his Twitter feed.  He wanted his fans to play a game of where is Jamie, so Jamie came out to the audience.  He sat down in an empty chair right in front of us.  Adam took the photo then asked everyone in the audience to point to Jamie so he could post the answer in another photo.  I was kind of surreal to have everyone in the audience pointing to here we were sitting.

Wheres Jamie



Theres JamieApparently this will be one of Jamie’s last tours.  He said that he has too many projects going on to maintain this schedule, but I am not sure that is the reason.  He seemed uncomfortable doing the show.  I am not sure if this is due to being in front of thousands of strangers, or simply wanting to build stuff rather than performing.   Either way I am glad to have had the chance to see Jamie and Adam together in person.


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