Shower ceiling sun

We just painted our master bath the other week, but neglected the shower ceiling.  Neglected is not really the right word, postponed is probably more accurate.  The shower is pretty nice, but the ceiling is kind of boring.  Just a white surface with a spot light in the center.  I wanted to do something interesting.  Maybe a special paint accent.  Then I had an idea….

It started with some plywood, a ruler, and a pencil.

Then I got busy with a jig saw.  I angled the blade at 33 degrees to get a nice cut and used a special blade that cuts on the down stroke to keep the chipping down.

I wanted to add some more depth so I cut out another and glued it to the center.  I cut out a hole the size of the spot light.

After lots of sanding, I decided to paint it the same blue we used as an accent wall in the master bedroom on half, and the bathroom ceiling color on the other half.  Then I painted a clear lacquer all over to water proof it.

So here is what it looks like in the shower.


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One thought on “Shower ceiling sun

  1. scudrunner says:

    and now plumb it for a rain head.

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