Simple stereo

My old stereo receiver / amp didn’t survive the move.


For some reason the right speaker started to cut out. The only way to get it working was to give the thing a few ‘love’ taps with my foot. It was also, in my opinion, more than I needed while at the same time less than I wanted. The fidelity was not great, and it had so many features and options that I couldn’t simply turn it on. I had to turn it on, select the source, adjust the volume, ect… I needed something simple, elegant, but it had to sound good.

So I went to Best Buy. All they had was newer versions of what I already had. They also had bluetooth speakers I don’t need, sound bars I don’t want, and sales people who can’t help. Each system seemed to be a package with speakers included. I don’t need more speakers, I already have some excellent Bose speakers. I don’t want a system, just a good amp. Nor do I need multiple inputs, surround sound, sub woofing, movie playing, Internet ready, bullshit. My requirements are pretty straight forward. Clean sound, 50 watts per channel, small size, and an input for my iPod. If it could connect to my TV that would be cool, but not necessary. All of this is easy, the hard part is find something that doesn’t have extras that I don’t want to have to deal with. Get off my lawn.

After checking some more stores that had basically the same stuff as Best Buy I started to seriously think of burying the parts and building my own. Then I came across this.


Everything I want, nothing I don’t. The TV plugs into the back, iPod in front. Volume control, excellent sound, all the power I will ever need. It’s tiny, efficient, powerful, and looks great.


Don’t let the size fool you, it puts out 50 watts of power to each 8ohm speaker. And that’s a true 50 watts, not the bullshit they tell you at Best Buy. Also it only has .01 % THD and great separation.


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