Almost ready geek cave

FuBr labs is functional, but not show ready.

I have been working on FuBr labs when I can. Strange, but my wife seems to have other priorities. I don’t spend as much time up there as I would like. But that’s ok, it’s functional and that is what is important. I put together a kit I bought from last night. Due to the pressures of black Monday I bought a Danger Shield. I am not sure what to do with it yet, but I built it last night, and tested all the IO and it works flawlessly. It was so nice to finally build something in my shop again. Anyway, I am still decorating and will post photos as soon as I find time to complete the decorations and build some more shelves and stuff.

Here it is… the top 10 essential items for FuBr Labs.

1. A window. Oh and no window coverings. This is just silly. When would I ever need to block the view? No one can see inside anyway. This is a big change from my old shop in the basement.
2. Shelves to hold stuff.
3. Lots and lots of little organizing drawers to hold parts.
4. Lots of available power choices. I need 120vac, 24vac, 24vdc, 12vdc, 5vdc and 3vdc.
5. A computer station with multiple monitors. Not just because it looks cool, but I need to be able to program and surf the internet at the same time. I also need to be able to have a screen available for the Raspberry Pi or PC-duino. Currently I have four screens.
6. A refrigerator to hold soda so I don’t have to walk downstairs. Also it is a good place to hold beer and other drinks for celebratory moments (Eureka!)
7. Two work benches, one for electronics and one for wood working.
8. A place to put frequently used tools. This has to be close to my workbench, but not visible. I hate cluttered work benches.
9. Decorations that inspire me to get to work and be creative.
10. Enough light so I can see what the hell I am doing.

So far I have 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 covered.
The last part of outfitting my shop is inspiring decorations, building some shelves, and replacing the light fixture with something that has the potential too blind mere mortals.

Most of the rest of the work is decorating the ol’ geek cave.

Some of the “art works” that I display in my shop are rather subtle. However they are full of sentimental value that they inspire me.
One is a small wooden carving that simply says “e.t.c.” I have had this mounted above the door of every shop I have had since I got my first soldering iron and lived with my parents.

Another is a framed drawing from a local artist of a father helping his son build a rocket ship. Please view his stuff at My Dad bought me this print and had it framed for my birthday.

I also have on display a rocket lava lamp, a robot shaped bank, and board that has my old military unit patches nailed to it.

What do you have decorating your geek cave?


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