Neighbour upgrade and Gimli crap.

As you know we recently moved and our new home is an upgrade on many fronts. Beside architectural upgrades such as a better floor plan and higher ceilings, it is in a better neighbourhood. Our last neighbours were simply awful. I won’t go into details, but so far we haven’t seen any police parked in front of our neighbour’s houses with the lights on. We also haven’t had anyone work on their dirt bike at ten pm on a weekday, and the neighbour’s dog hasn’t killed a cat in our front yard yet. Oh and there hasn’t even been one morning with a drunk pounding on the neighbour’s front door demanding respect. After three weeks we are pretty comfortable that this trend may continue.

So as soon as we moved out of our old house we got an instant upgrade. Now it looks like we are getting yet another upgrade. The contractor started putting up our new fence this morning. Like they say, good fences make for good neighbours. A good fence certainly helped with our last neighbours. For example, we didn’t have to look at the trash and abandoned vehicles in their back yard. But our new neighbours are really nice and neat.

So I expect that with the addition of a fence we will now have really excellent neighbours.

It will also improve my relationship with Gimli

As soon as the fence is complete, I won’t have to stand like an idiot holding a leash in one hand and a stupid little blue bag in the other. Waiting for my little dog craps in the yard is probably one of my least favourite activities. I can’t imagine how he must feel about the situation. It’s bad enough to have to crap in the snow, but to have your owner on the other end of a leash around your neck has to be humiliating.

I don’t know which is worse, when he turns his back to me, or faces me when he craps in the snow. Either way I can sense his embarrassment about the situation. Not only is it embarrassing, but he has to know that the only reason he has a leash at all is because he has no self-control and will take off on a moment’s notice chasing after a bunny, cricket, or errant wind blown leaf. I have witnessed him growling at a shadow in mid poop, ready to take off in a mad scramble to confront the shadow armed with his 11 lbs of feral cuteness.

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