Lights and fixtures.

Over the last eight months or so my wife and I have been planning on how to decorate our new home. We have had plenty of time as the construction schedule was painfully slow. However it was worth it in the end, the house is beautiful, except the lighting. Since we had definite plans on decorating that didn’t include purchasing light fixtures from the builder I have about a dozen lights to install.

Oh, then there are the light bulbs. Call me a snob, but I absolutely hate CFLs, and our new house is simply chocked full of the damn things. Don’t get me wrong, I am no luddite I just much prefer LED lighting to anything else. We have dozens and dozens of spot lights in this house. Each one has a shitty CFL screwed in. By shitty I mean real bargain basement, contractor grade, takes ten minutes to warm up type of bulbs. So we are slowly replacing each one with a LED bulb. Funny how we still call them bulbs when there is not actual bulb involved.

So anyway, as I replace shitty CFLs with LEDs, and crappy bargain basement light fixtures with new nice fixtures, I am slowly filling up a box with essentially brand new stuff. My first thought was Habitat for Humanity, but I heard that they get so many donations of this type that they actually turn away some materials. I will try them first, but as a backup I found a place nearby called Uncle Benny’s Building Supplies that buys and sells used building supplies.

I am just about done with the light fixtures, only two ceiling mounted fixtures left and about sixteen CFLs to replace. Oh, and I still need to find a suitable ceiling light for FUBR labs. Any suggestions are welcome, you know my tastes.


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One thought on “Lights and fixtures.

  1. Mike Dwyer says:

    Both of our houses had crappy brass contractor lights when we moved in, so we knew we would replace them all. In our first house we would just buy each new light as funds were available but with no long term vision. One time we would get brush nickel. Another time oil-rubbed bronze. When we moved out we realized there was no continuity. So with the new house we bought a bunch of plain white lights at IKEA for $5 each and put them everywhere. Then we started choosing some ‘showpieces’ for spots where we wanted a pop and we made sure they all worked together. Lesson learned…

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