Falls over.

Our nice long warm fall is officially over. Summer was pretty hot, and fall was pretty comfortable, but we were spoiled. Normally we have a few dips in temperature that let us know that winter is coming. Kind of like a horror movie where there are a few false scares to warm you up to a really good fright. This year seems to be following a different pattern. To extend the horror movie metaphor, this year is more like when you change the channel on the TV from watching Friends to the pig scene in Hannibal. Then the battery in the remote control dies.

Yesterday was beautiful with temps in the 70s, no jackets required. Even last night was mild. When I got up this morning it was in the upper 40s, sweatshirt weather. It’s one in the afternoon and snowing with a bitterly cold wind and the temps are still dropping. According to the forecast it won’t get above freezing, for a high, for quite some time.

Well, here is our forecast for the rest of the week….



Looks like our new house will get a insulation test tonight.


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