Testing Bing.

There is something about Bing that pisses me off. I can’t put my finger on it, but I absolutely hate Bing. Maybe it’s the commercials. Maybe it is the idea that I will choose my browser by speed alone. Sure it was .12 seconds faster than Google, but who cares? Maybe it is because it is a Microsoft product and is bundled with Internet Explorer. Maybe I am just an old stick in the mud and I don’t like working with Windows 8.

The commercials for Bing propose a test to see how good it is compared to google. Ok. So I decided to do my own test.

What I did was to bring both search engines up in different tabs. In both I had them search for the phrase “Why Bing sucks?”
On Google I got: About 58,800,000 results (0.25 seconds)
On Bing I got: 6,330,000 results.

Then I tried the reverse.
“Why Google sucks?”
On Google I got: About 67,400,000 results (0.51 seconds)
On Bing I got: 37,200,000 results

To me this is telling. You could take these results two ways. Either Google is a better search engine because it found more results. Or Bing is better because it sucks less according to the number of hits.

I will stick to Google for the time being. I like having mail, drive, and such all together in one place. Also I have an inherent distrust of any company that advertises too much. To me this says “Word of mouth is just too unreliable, it’s much better to take the word of our slick ads.”


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One thought on “Testing Bing.

  1. S. Le says:

    I hate Bing as well. It is annoying. I will stay with Google.

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