Duck Peeve

My wife and I were at Lowes home improvement store the other day and I ran across on of my pet peeves.  We were in the paint isle to buy more masking tape and there was a large display of duct tape.  It was labeled Duck Tape. 

I don’t know why this pisses me off so much, but the tape is for sealing duct work, not water fowl.  Ducks are pretty well sealed and taping them is just cruel.  Along the same lines of thought why not call bathroom caulk, cock?  That seems the way everyone pronounces it.  Gives new meaning to cocking the bathroom. 

Yes we discussed this while walking through Lowes.   Then we came across a new product.  Caulking tape. 

Cock tape?  Duck Cock tape? 

Apparently there is not end to hardware innuendo.



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