Obvious answer



I was just thinking about how I wanted to write something to post on my blog, but didn’t have any inspiration.  Nothing on my mind that I wanted to share.

Then when I went to close MS word my mouse hand jumped and I clicked ‘design’ by accident.  This happens near the end of the day when I get tired, sometimes the mouse gets hung up on the border of my mouse pad.  Anyway as soon as I clicked that button Word began to get all transparent and unresponsive.

Of course I tried randomly clicking stuff….


Then this popped up:


Funny how the answer is sometimes found within the question.    Windows checking for a solution?

I have found from experience that the real problem is with Outlook, so I shut it down. Sure enough word stopped being unresponsive, everything was fine once again.  I guess I just find it amusing that windows alerts you to the fact that it knows it has a problem, is working hard to resolve it, and eventually it just goes away without any explanation.  Like internal brain surgery where the brain cuts out the problem along with any memory that the problem ever existed.

Imagine this happening to other things that are run by computer, like your car.

Driver, “Oh damn, the brakes failed again”

Passenger, “Try turning off the radio, it worked for me last week”

Driver, “Yea, that did the trick.  Thanks”





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