While shopping at the grocery store the other evening my wife and happen to overhear a conversation.  What attracted us to the conversation wasn’t the content, but the accent.  Their accent sounded like they were from Australia.  As the family came around the corner my wife noticed that I glanced towards one of their daughters (late teens and very tall).  Yes, she notices when my primitive monkey brain displays primitive impulses.  She commented that some accents are rather attractive, I think it was her way of getting my goat.  That little comment spurned a conversation that lasted all the way down isle fourteen.

Why do we Americans think people who speak English with an accent alluring?  Do other people in other cultures feel the same?  Does a Frenchman get turned on when he hears a woman speaking French with a Spanish accent?

Something that doesn’t occur to a lot of Americans, is that American is an accent.  This is especially true on the west coast.  Some people in California really believe that they do not have an accent, it’s the rest of the country that talks funny.

When we lived in England the British could easily tell we were American just by their accent. Some could even tell what part of America we were from.    I find a woman who speaks with a British accent sexy.  But an American southern drawl is a turn off for me.

My question is, are there any countries or cultures that find the American accent sexy?  If so which part of America?  Do people in other countries like a Southern drawl, twang, or whatever, more than whatever you call a New York accent?



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