Tower of geek

A little over a year ago the place I worked for had a silent auction. The idea was to allow the employees to have a chance to buy some of the production factory goodies that were normally going to the scrap dealer and metal recycler. Nothing really valuable in the auction, just some tables, work benches, odds and ends, and some of what I call grown up erector sets. These were what I was interested in.

Basically these grown up erector sets were metal tubes and connectors that were used to make fixtures in the factory. They are useful for making just about anything you want as long as your serious about form follows function. They were also used to make computer tables that took up a minimum of floor space. This sounds perfect for FUBR labs, so I bid on one.

I took it home for about $10.00, and put my laptop / monitor / keyboard / robot project on it. Looked cool, plus it kept things organized. More importantly it kept my computer stuff off of the workbench, but close at hand. The thing towers over the rest of my workbenches with the top over 6′ high.

Lately I have been working on a project with the Raspberry pi and an Arduino. Now I need two monitors, two keyboards, a 24v power supply, Xbee radios, oh my!

Here is a pict of the completed apparatus.




Yes, the rocket lava lamp is essential equipment.  It reminds me that every project is fluid and sometimes hot to the touch.

see if you can find the miniature Robbie the robot

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One thought on “Tower of geek

  1. Dont try to launch the lamp!

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