Get out of my head.


Like most people, from time to time I get a song stuck in my head.  Most of the time it is not welcome in there.  For me, the main culprits are the Grocery store and my wife’s iPod.  Neither of which I can do anything to change.  I was thinking about this yesterday as I was leaving the Grocery store with “Sugar Kisses” by Echo and the Bunnymen bouncing around my skull like supper ball in an empty bathtub.   What twisted marketing strategy department thought that Sugar Kisses would get people to buy groceries?   When we got into the car I turned on the stereo to see if there was something to cleanse my brain of this awful song.  My wife’s iPod started up and played one of here exercise dance mixes, I think it was Lady Gaga.  Well that did the trick, it replaced one awful song with another.  There must be a better way to rid my skull of a horrid, but catchy tune.

My wife and I discussed this while I desperately searched through her iPod looking for a song to get the last song out of my head.  Is there a song that is both good enough to listen too, but slippery enough to get rid of quickly?   Is there a special song or type of music that can somehow act as a stuck song adsorbent?  Soaking up a bad song and flushing it out of my head without leaving a sticky residue?

I tried many different songs and none of them did the trick.  I tried country, heavy metal, classic, new age, pop, old favorites, and new favorites, nothing worked.  All this seemed familiar.  I wanted to remember what I did to cure this last time I as afflicted.  I remember having this conversation before with my son.  He said he had a cure.  Just two words that would cleanse the song stuck in your head.  I fought hard to remember, what where the two words….

Spider pig.


Damn.  He was right.  All I had to do was remember those two words.  It did get the previous songs out of my skull, but replaced it with Homer Simpson singing Spider Pig.

Maybe there isn’t any magic music that removes a stuck song without leaving a gooey mess.



Spider pig, spider pig, does whatever a spider pig does….




P.s.  Believe it or not, this is my 700th post.

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