Tools and Stuff (FUBR Labs)

So I started to move my shop (Fubr labs) from my basement to my son’s old room upstairs last week.  The reason for this move is rather simple, the execution is becoming more complicated.  The first reason for this move is that my lovely wife and I are planning on selling our home in the near future.  This means that the entire basement needs a re-model to make it appealing to prospective buyers.  That includes my shop.  Second, my basement retreat was a bit too isolating.  We no longer use the basement as an entertainment hub for the family.  It is also cold and lonely down there.  Even if I like the aesthetic of a man cave, it was just becoming a bit too literal.  So I have been gradually moving my tools and equipment upstairs.  The problem is that this space is less than half the size.  To I have to be choosy as to what is moved in and what is packed or stored in the garage.  This has been an enlightening experience.  I never really comprehended the size and scope of all the “stuff” I have accumulated over the years until I had to move it.

The big stuff wasn’t a surprise. I knew that I had collected a few power tools for wood working.  I wasn’t surprised by the bulk of the miter saw, table saw, sander, drill press, circular saw, jig saw, router, scroll saw, and power drill.  I decided to move the more bulky of these items to the garage, where they probably belong.  But it was the small stuff that really made me think.  Or should I say re-think.  It seems that I have a forgetful nature when it comes to some hand tools.

Apparently, there were/are times where I would buy a replacement tool simply because I needed something and couldn’t find what I already had.  That explains the two special bars made for putting in hard wood flooring.  Oh and the three caulking guns.  Also the six tape measures, three identical hammers, six pry bars, dozens of cross point driver bits, three pipe cutters, three PVC pipe cutters, dozens of identical screw drivers, diagonal wire cutters, pliers, vice grips, Allen wrenches, etc. But it doesn’t explain how I have so many sets of sockets, but for some reason all the 7/16” and ½” sockets are missing.  You can see where this is going.

Maybe a garage sale is in order.  Or maybe I just need to organize my tools.

Once the tools were cleaned up and “organized” I went to the other stuff.  I am sure any builder has lots of “other” stuff.  These are the drawers and drawers in cabinets where I put stuff.  Stuff like household electrical supplies left over from home improvement projects.  Audio, video, computer, and other cables left over from projects, AC adapters, thermostats, relays, indicator lights, power cords, extension cords, and other widgets and doo-dads.  Oh my.  I filled two boxes with just cords and ac adapters.  There must be something wrong with me.  Why am I keeping all this stuff?  Answer:  Three reasons.

Because I may need it.

Because, you never know.

Just because.

I expect two things to happen during the next six months while we wait for our new home to be built. First thing will be that I somehow managed to get along without the “stuff” and won’t even miss it.  On the other hand, I expect that when I move into my new shop it will seem like Christmas morning when I open all the boxes of “stuff”.

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