The steam punk Geek Cave, Geek-O-Meter.

New Project idea….

The steam punk Geek Cave, Geek-O-Meter.

This idea was inspired by one of the Harry Potter movies. I don’t remember which one, but in one of the movies there was a great little gadget for locating family members.  It was as a clock with multiple hands, at the end of each hand was a small photo of each of the Weasley family members.  The clock hands pointed to their prospective locations.  Looks like a fun project.  However, I don’t have a bunch of kids at home any longer.  Also they would probably resent me keeping track of their activities.  Besides it has already been done, check it out here.  However, I would like an indicator next to my “Geek Cave” door showing the status of the cave, and more importantly the occupant.

Of course I could put up a chalk board where I could write down simple messages like “Do not disturb, I am soldering really tiny stuff”, but that would hardly support the whole aesthetic.   It would be like to asking Sparkfun to supply a mail order catalog and order forms.

So my idea is to make device with clock like hands that indicates the status of the cave and its cave dweller.  It would be controlled from inside the cave.  Also since I love the Steam Punk aesthetic the device would be made of oak and brass.    I just love combining high tech with old world charm.

Tech details:  I figure I would use Arduino controlled servos to move the hands.  The Arduino would receive its instructions via X-bee radio located in my shop as a part of a mesh network.  (Wireless rules) It would also receive data from sensors inside the cave such as occupancy, door status, etc…

It will have two hands, one to indicate the possible availability of the cave and its dweller such as:

Out, In, Available, Entertaining guests, Disturb-able, Reclusive, Do not Disturb, Go away, armed.

The other hand will indicate the relative level of geek focus…

Goofing off, cleaning and organizing, contemplating, focused, In the Zone, Destructively obsessed.


I welcome more creative suggestions.


Oh, and I will post the design, details, and photos, when I get around to it.


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