Minor changes.

In an effort to clean up this blog and up date some information, I have made a few minor changes.

First, I am sad to say that I sold the Hippy Prairie Mobile.  It was a week full of doubt and self-reflection.  By Sunday I was numb with a general feeling of sadness.  I worked hard on the HPM and enjoyed owning it, however I had to be honest with myself.  I haven’t touched it in over two years, and felt sad every time I walked by and noticed one more little spot of rust, or other sign on age and deterioration.  It was time to find a new home for the HPM.  Hopefully the new owner will spend the time and effort necessary to bring the HPM to its full potential. So I deleted the HPM pages.

Next, I added a new page called, Coffee Mug Shots.  I have always had a love of coffee and enjoy collecting and using a variety of cups and mugs.  Each one has a story and I thought it would be fun to write about.  I also have a history of acquiring coffee mugs that I am not entirely proud of.  It is said that confession is good for the soul, we will see.

Future changes…

I am also going to add content to the steam punk projects page.  I simply love working with Oak and Brass, and adding electronics and microprocessors into the mix seems like a worthy use of my time lately.  Or if not worthy, at least satisfying.  Which is much the same in many respects.  I have a back log of projects that need to be covered including a widely spaced 50 led (RGB) matrix suspended in an oak frame.

Another page I wish to create and update regularly will be about the construction of our new house.  Construction will start as soon as the ground thaws out enough to dig.  I figure that will be around the end of March, but I am hopeful that something will be done sooner than that.  I am quite impatient to move into our new home as the location, floor plan, style, and such are just perfect for our current and future needs.

One of the parts of the house I am really excited about is the new location of FUBR labs.  I get to move into the upstairs flex space and will have a window facing north.  This is a big deal for me because FUBR labs present location is in our basement with a window facing corrugated steel.  With more than double the current shop space, FUBR labs will be everything I have ever wanted and more.


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2 thoughts on “Minor changes.

  1. Mike Dwyer says:

    Really excited to hear the house updates. I picture geothermal heating in Prairie Flounder HQ with a wind turbine on the roof. Yes? No?

    • Our new house will be rather mundane by most standards, normal neighborhood, normal grid electrical, normal gas heating. Sorry, no turbines, or geothermal. But I am looking forward to making Fubar Labs into the shop/lab that I have always wanted. pf

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