Early spring cleaning


A few months ago we made the jump and decided to buy a new house.  There are many reasons for this move, but it all boils down to a simple fact that we do not enjoy where we are living any longer.  So to make it easier to move, and much more presentable to show, we decided to begin the process of cleaning and organizing.

Part of this process is a little spring cleaning. This involves getting rid of a lot of useless crap and organizing what is left over into a more compact and movable configuration.  Now that we are taking steps to organize in preparation of moving, we can’t help but ask ourselves, why didn’t we do this years ago?

A good example is how we managed something that just about everyone has, namely disks.  Compact Disks with music, computer optical disks, and DVDs with movies all share the same form factor, but take up different amounts of space.  Music CDs and computer disks seem to share the same ‘jewel case’ size box and DVDs for some reason come packaged in a larger box.  Both are ridiculously oversized for what they hold.   So in an effort to organize our lives a bit we bought some CD binders.  Here is a link to the site.  One of the first things we did was go through our DVD movie collection.   Deciding how to organize the binder at first was a bit daunting.  Do we organize these alphabetically, by genre, or title, maybe star rating?  Do I create a database for easy searching?  After much deliberation it occurred to me that none of that really matters.   There are only three types of movies we own.

  1. Movies my wife likes, but I cannot stand.
  2. Movies that I like, but my wife cannot stand.
  3. Movies that we both enjoy.

So we now have three nice leather binders for our movies.  Each holds about 80 movies, and believe it or not, #1 is the only binder that has any room left for more.  What was amazing was the amount of space the cases took up.  During our transition from case to binder I filled three large garbage bags with useless plastic boxes.

Then we went through the music.  It only took one binder to hold our music, this is mainly due to the fact that the binder for our music was much cheaper and holds many more cd.  We decided that music cd storage would be less reviewed simply because everything is already stored in our computer for playback.

So the effect after all of this shuffling of plastic was we managed to empty two book cases full of plastic memory devices and consolidate it down to four small binders.

Why didn’t we do this years ago?

Next up, the kitchen……


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