Big Deal

Ok, so it is now legal in Colorado to roll up a dead plant inside a paper tube, light one end, suck, and inhale the smoke.  Oh, you can also put it in a pipe, eat it, or rub it in your hair, or whatever you like.  The point is that doing stuff with a dead plant is now legal again.  Well, mostly legal anyway.   I am sure that this is a big deal for some people.  I really haven’t noticed any difference.  I have to say that I am kind of excited about the whole thing.  No, I have no desire to smoke a joint, eat a cannabis brownie, or rub it in my hair.  I just have a knee jerk reaction when the powers that be move in a direction of more freedom.  Especially if it upsets people who are inherently uptight.

Legalizing marijuana will provide a lot of entertainment.  For me.

Yes, it is all about my entertainment.

I am not concerned about the usual scare tactics that marijuana opponents like to present.  I do not worry about airline pilots, school teachers, surgeons, or firefighters getting high before work just because it isn’t against the law, any more that I worry about the same group doing shots of Jagermeister at work.  However, I am more concerned about the uptight, self-righteous, do-gooders.  The road to hell is paved with good intentions so I worry about the paving crew more than the motley crew.   I also believe that the red-eyed, super stoners, who treat marijuana as a lifestyle choice, will end up shooting themselves in the foot like a lot of the “medical marijuana” proprietors do.   If it is all about the medicinal properties then what’s up with all the Bob Marley posters, psychedelic super bongs, and Led Zeppelin music?  These two groups should provide much entertainment over the next year or so.

I also think it will be interesting to watch will be how legalizing marijuana will play out at the borders with neighboring states.  Things get complicated when freedom is not equally shared with the neighbors.  Sometimes the grass really is greener on the other side of the fence.   There are three ways to deal with it when this happens.  Get over it, grow greener grass, or kill your neighbor’s lawn.  Border disputes are rarely a good thing, this one should be interesting.

For example, the state of Wyoming is kind to fireworks enthusiasts and trusts its population to have fun without burning the state down.  Coloradoans apparently can’t be trusted.  It is against the law to blow off anything larger than a small fountain in most areas, and nothing more than a sparkler in others.   But many Coloradoans love fireworks, which creates a market.  So the state line is littered on the Wyoming side with fireworks stores.  So what does this have to do with legal marijuana?  Wyoming may trust their citizens with fireworks, but they are less than thrilled with marijuana.  Once regulators start telling head shops where not to set up their business I believe that the retailers will set up shop out of town. The Wyoming border is just about as out of town as you can get for Colorado, but right next to Cheyenne Wyoming.   I suspect that eventually there will be head shops, hippy stores, and medical marijuana outlets littering the Colorado side of the Stateline.  If I were more of a hippy I would say that the state line would be the best place to stock up for a serious party.  However, people with fireworks shouldn’t use drugs, and the people who do drugs don’t really need fireworks.  I think that Colorado and Wyoming should look to Nevada and Utah to see how they worked thing out there.  The main difference is that Utah doesn’t have anything that people in Eastern Nevada really want, except maybe beautiful scenery, culture, clean water, and magic underpants.

I am also looking forward to seeing how the marijuana business evolves over time.

I wonder what will happen if the governments tax revenue dreams fall short of their projections. From previous history it won’t be hard to guess… Most of the money generated by taxing legal marijuana sales will probably be spent before it is received.  Also I am sure the amount collected will end up less than projected.  The actual revenue will continue to falls short year after year.  Then drastic measures will have to be enacted.  I figure that eventually, lawmakers will propose legislation to subsidize marijuana growers with public funds.  This will ensure that marijuana growers and sellers will have enough profits to pay for the taxes and regulation.  It will be sold as a measure to ensure public safety and stop black market activities.  Which will require further funding so they will have to enact more taxes on marijuana….  Small growers will be bought up by large drug corporations that have political pull. And the circle is complete.

This sounds a lot like what we are currently doing with the tobacco industry.

Of course this is all conjecture.   I have no idea how all this will sort itself out, but I am sure that it will be entertaining to watch.  I am also sure that it won’t fulfill anyone’s predictions of reefer madness, addicted four year olds, and opening the flood gates to more serious drugs. However, I am also sure that there will be hidden consequences that haven’t come to light yet.

The only thing I do know is this is a big deal for some people.


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