Found in the dryer

Found in the washer and dryer.

There are things that inevitably get washed along with clothes.  Sometimes these are relatively harmless, such as spare change or the occasional nut or bolt.  Some are rather destructive, such as permanent ink pens.  For many years destructive incidences occurred in my home then for some reason they abruptly stopped about the same time as my children moved out.  Don’t confuse causation with correlation.  I was the family pen in the washer culprit.  If a pen was found in the washer it invariably turned out to be my pen.  Until that moment I had no idea that so many people in my family used my pens.

To be honest I firmly believe that my kids did not cause many of the wash related clothes disasters.   They did so little laundry themselves that it seems statistically unimportant.  It was usually my fault for not finding damaging stuff before loading into the washer.

Now I seem to be moving on to another chapter of doing laundry.  I seem to find things in the washer or dryer that defy explanation.  Or finding things in the washer that I do not remember even owning.  This did not disturb me when the kids were living with us as I always had someone to blame.  Not any longer…

I once found a chap stick in the dryer.  Not that unusual you may say, but this one still had the cap on and all the chap-stuff was gone. The clothes were not stained or damaged in any way.   Where did it go?  How did it get out?

I had a sock that singled itself out like so many socks do.  I loved that sock.  So I put it over the back of a chair in the spare room and decided to leave it there alone until its match was found.  Two months later the missing sock showed up in the laundry.  Somehow it escaped detection for more than sixty days.

Another time I found a bic-lighter in the dryer.  It worked perfectly and was amazingly clean.  For some reason I would think that washing and drying a device full of liquid butane fuel would have had different results.

Then there was the time I found a dog poop bag in the dryer.  This was rather disturbing because it was impossible to tell if the bag was used, or not.  I washed the cloths again anyway.

I wonder what will be next…



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