Last post of 2013.


I did a lot of cool stuff and spent time with some great people this year.  Here is a recap…

I watched homemade autonomous flying drones drop tennis balls on a peninsula in Boulder Colorado.

Shook hands with William Shatner, and ate lunch with Armin Shimerman.

Explored the inside of hoover dam.

My parents flew out to surprise me on my birthday.

Quit my job and started a completely different one.

My brother flew out to hang out with me.  We drank and talked.  A lot.

Participated in a gang execution of a ceramic garden gnome using high power rifles.

Was in charge of setting up and firing a small town’s Fourth of July fireworks display.

Visited the home of Mike the Headless Chicken.

Spent the night in Beaver Utah, the birth place of Philo Farnsworth. I visited his statue and bought an ‘I heart Beaver’ wrist band.

Attended a mile high TedX event.  Wasn’t impressed.

Completed building a roving autonomous robot.  Now I just have to program the dam thing to do something.

Bought a new house, (some assembly required) which should be complete in the summer of 2014.

Gained a Daughter in law.  This also should be completed in 2014.

Built a table for my son.  He gave me whiskey.

A little puppy stole my heart, and my lovely wife continues to own my heart.  So the puppy is really only borrowing it.

Learned to contra dance. (Sort of)




And here are some things I want to do and see in 2014:

Sell our house.

Sell my hippy Prairie mobile.  ;(

Have a garage sale and toss out what doesn’t sell. (Simplify our lives)

Move into our new home.

Outfit my Lab (robot shop) with outrageous decorations.

Attend my son’s wedding.  Not cry.

Get a job that I really love.  Or find a way to love the one I have.

Stop breathing in chemical weapons at $5.99 a pack.

Spend more time hiking.

Enter an autonomous vehicle to compete in the Spark Fun Autonomous Vehicle Competition.


I will be happy if I only achieve half of these things.


Thanks for reading.

Have a good New Year.  I hope you succeed with at least half of what you try to do.  And hope you are not disappointed if you fail.  You cannot succeed or fail if you don’t try and failure is an adventure as well.  Look on the bright side, even when you miss your target, your still shooting a gun!



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