December Ride

I know it has been a while since I updated my blog.  Sorry, but it has been a real roller coaster ride of a month, with ups and downs and scary drops into dark tunnels.   All in all the month of December has been a good balance.  The ride started out on level ground and ended up coasting to a stop.  But unlike most roller coasters it didn’t stop where it started.

It started with buying a new home.  We are actually building a home in a new subdivision so it won’t be done for quite some time.  We are hoping to move in sometime in May 2014.  It is exciting to go through the process of signing documents, picking out stuff, and spending lots of money I haven’t made yet.  When all is said and done our new home will be much more suited to our needs than our present one.  It basically has the same amount of room, just distributed in a manner that fits our lifestyle since our kids have moved away.  Less rooms, more open space.  And more importantly a larger lab for me to play with robots, steampunk art, gadgets, and whatnot. Also it will have more room for entertaining guests.

Then I changed jobs.  Which was really difficult and painful.  I won’t go into details, let’s just say it hasn’t been a comfortable transition and I am still experiencing a lot of remorse.  I left a lot of colleagues and friends behind that I will sorely miss.  But I am working to adjust to my new position and trying to find a way to contribute in a useful and meaningful way.  It is important for me to make a difference at work and make a positive influence in people’s lives.

Lastly some great news. We have been hoping that my son would propose to his girlfriend for a few months now and on Christmas Eve it finally came true.  Best decision he has ever made, she is quite a catch and we welcome her into our family.  A few weeks ago we helped my son shop for a ring and we had to keep it a secret for a while, which was terribly hard.  Once the cat was out of the bag it made Christmas even more exciting.

So the goals for the New Year are simple.  Get our house ready to sell, become comfortable in my new job, move into our new home, and support all the things that go along with preparing for my son’s wedding.

Hopefully in that order.

Next year will be a busy one.   What I really need are some minions to do the grunt work.



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