Migrating cold

We are currently experiencing a cold snap here in Northern Colorado. 

I checked, and our high temperatures outside is the same as the average operating temperature of a normal household freezer. 

So how cold does it have to get before it is really cold? 

To me the freezing point of water seems to be a good indication of really cold.   

But once freezing has occurred, you have to add more creative language to describe a more obscene level of cold.  For example: 

Bitter, brisk, chilled, cool, crisps, frigid, frosty, frozen, icy, raw, snowy, wintry, arctic, chill, cutting, sharps, Siberian, stinging, benumbed, biting, glacial, iced, nippy, numbing, penetrating, piercing, polar, severe, two-dog night, three-dog night, etc…

Our weather forecasters have been using the word ‘Arctic’ a lot lately.

5 Dec 2013

5 Dec 2013

When I went to work this morning it was -8 outside and it is only expected to reach 5 degrees before dropping yet again into the negative temps.  I am actually looking forward to Wednesday when it gets close to freezing.

From a more scientific viewpoint, cold is not really a thing to measure.  You can only measure the presence of heat.  Cold is actually a measure of the reduction of heat content.  So we are experiencing a lot less heat than normal for this time of year.  Which kind of makes me wonder, where did it all go?  There was heat here before, now there is less. 

The easy answer is space.  But from my prior experience I think our heat simply went south for the winter.   A few years ago I went to Brazil in February and it was hotter than hell.  I like to think that heat migrates with the geese.

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