Gaming table.

My son came over a few weeks ago to see if we could work on a project together. He saw a Gaming table on line that he wanted, but it was a bit out of his price range. Hell, it is a bit out of most people’s price range. Here is the website that shows the table my son wants.

And I will admit that this table is pretty cool for geeky tables. The idea is to make a coffee table that provides some extra functionality to support serious board games. It also has the feature of being able to return back to a useful table without having to put your game stuff away.

So I agreed to look into building a table that would fit the bill without breaking the bank. The only caveat is that I would rather not play these games. They take way to long and my attention span is way too short.

The specifications:
2’ x 4’ coffee table size. Height has yet to be determined, but I am figuring on between 17” – 19” from the floor.
Material: Hardwood (oak)
Recessed top with removable cover. This should be deep enough for RPG and board game pieces to be left due to a pause in the “action” 3 ½” deep is plenty.
Slide out drawers for cards, dice, notebooks, etc. one drawer for each player. These are not really drawers as they are only 3/4” thick. More like shelves that retract into the frame.
Slide our drawer for the person who refs the game (DM, or whatever they call it now a days.)
Storage underneath for game boxes.
LED lighting of table top (I added this one in.)

So here are some photos of the progress.

Top with clamps!

Top with clamps!

As soon as I get more done I will update.


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