Interesting ride to work

Well it was an interesting ride into work today. Not that I am complaining, people are in a tough spot all over the state. It just happens that the route to my work happens to cross a number of rivers that are over their banks. Before I left this morning I checked the road conditions on the web and found that my favorite route is closed. The website is also a good indication for how bad things are all around the state.

Don't drive here

Don’t drive here

The timing of this storm really sucks. Any storm like this sucks, but there isn’t much time to make the necessary repairs before the weather starts to change. This is normally my favorite time of the year. The seasonal changes are normally quite welcome as things get cooler and more comfortable, until about the middle of October. Then winter starts to bang on the door. Normally it is quite rare for us to get to Halloween before our first snow or ice storm. Road work usually stops by the end of October due to the unpredictable conditions and possible freezing. The road crews have their work cut out for them over the next six weeks or so. Colorado driver will have their hands full, I just hope they are patient and stay out of the way.
So the ride to work will continue to be “interesting” for a while. I won’t bitch about it, there is no point. Complaining won’t fix the roads, rebuild the bridges, or pump out the basement.

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