New favorite little town.

On our way to Las Vegas et stopped at Beaver Utah. My lovely wife and I agree that it is a perfect place to retire. Beaver has a wonderful climate, a low cost of living, lots of open spaces, beautiful scenery, and most important of all, the town has a hard to quantify essence about it. There is something about a town that lends itself to small town greatness. Mayberry has it, so does Sunnydale. Beaver has the ineffable quality of a sitcom. For instance here is Philo Farnsworth, the father of modern television. Apparently he was born in Beaver, Utah.
Philo Farnsworth
Please feel free to submit a caption for this photo. Not sure what he is holding in his hands, but I don’t think it has anything to do with TV.

Also Beaver has a nice cleaner an liqueur store.


Something intrinsically funny about putting the word beaver in front of just about anything.

But the town is little quirky, and The people are uncommonly friendly. The young lady who served us breakfast was so charming when she told us about her diet and how even when she orders the child meals, she just can’t eat the whole thing. By her current weight I estimate she must follow the Hobbit meal schedule. Her total lack of self conscienceless was refreshing.

We stopped on the way out of town for some gas before our final journey to Vegas. In side they were selling those plastic bracelets you see ecerywhere, it sayed I ‘heart’ Beaver. I just had to buy one. The lady behind the counter said she just loves these bracelets.

All in all I highly recommend visiting this wonderful town. I give it four out of five stars.


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