Roll-on or eat?

Our dog is a rather finicky eater. Sure he will eat crap that he finds on the ground, like dead bird parts and dirt, but when it comes to store bought dog food he is kind of picky. A few weeks ago our puppy “Gimli” was having some digestive issues. I won’t go into details but it was really disgusting and required a costly visit to the vet. The vet recommended that we give him nothing but boiled chicken and rice for about a week until things settled down. He absolutely loved his new diet. After the week was over and we returned to feeding him normal puppy food he went back to his old ways of basically ignoring his dish until he was half starved and reluctantly eating his food. My wife took pity on him and made his favorite chicken and rice. Yes, a spoiled rotten puppy.
While shopping at PetSmart the other day I ran across a can of puppy food. It seemed an ideal substitute for boiling chicken breasts and rice. On the can it said:

Puppy Entrée with Fresh Chicken & Rice

Recommended For:


Product Description: Even the pickiest puppies will be enticed by the delicious favors of fresh chicken and rice. And while the real chicken will please your pup’s palate, it also provides a wonderful source of nutrient-rich protein to help your puppy grow and develop strong, lean muscles. Rice serves as a high-quality carbohydrate source that is easy to digest and supports his playful energy. Puppies have unique nutritional requirements, and like all Eukanuba formulas, Puppy Entrée Fresh Chicken & Rice meets and exceeds those needs to help your puppy become a great dog.

I bought two cans.

When I got home I tried it out to see how Gimli liked it. I opened the can and put a scoop in his dish. After one sniff and he gave me a look that basically said, “Do you expect me to eat this, are you fucking crazy?” Sometimes he will eat food off of the floor rather than from his dish, so I dipped my finger in the yellowish grey muck and put some on the floor. He gave it a sniff and then started to roll on it. I went to get a towel to clean up the “Puppy Entrée with Fresh Chicken & Rice Premium Canned Nutrition that even the pickiest puppy will be enticed with” off of his fur. Then I noticed that our cat is eagerly chowing down on the stuff in the dog bowl.
I am no expert on pets, and what they like to eat is kind of a mystery to me, but… When a dog rolls in his food and won’t eat it, and the cat loves it there is something terribly wrong.
I went to the Eukanuba website and they have a forum where people can write reviews of their dog food. I get to be the first person to write a review of this product.
P.S. If your looking for some really healthy food for your finicky cat, I recommend Eukanuba puppy food.

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One thought on “Roll-on or eat?

  1. S. Le says:

    Hilarious! I’ve had my cats sniff their food dish and try to bury it!

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