4th fire and noise.

A lot of the fireworks displays you will see tonight is set up by volunteers and off duty firemen. Most people do not realize how much work it is to put on even a small show. Nor do they know the all the regulations, licensing, fees, duties, inspections, and various amounts of red tape is involved in putting together even a small show. We do it for the love of the show, the cheer of the crowd, and the fire and noise.

Yesterday I spent the entire day with my fellow pyros setting up a local town show. Today I will spend another day setting up and shooting another show. It was hard work and most of don’t make a dime doing it, but we love the work. We don’t want any thanks, or any praise, most of us do it for a selfish love of being in the mix of fire and noise.

Please don’t spoil it by screwing with the crew.

We had enough of that yesterday. If the shoot site is roped off please respect the boundaries, it is there for your safety. Oh, and please pick up after your dogs. Nothing is more irritating than stepping in fresh dog crap while your loading a 10″ gun.

Let us do our work, keep a respectful distance, then go home.

And bring a bag when you walk your dog.

Oh, and enjoy the show!

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