World War Z.

I went to see World War Z last weekend and I have to be honest, I really liked the movie.

I fully expect to hear complaints from people who view this movie as an insult to any serious zombie movie. I will probably be accused of going over to the dork side and not fighting against the inappropriate interpretation of the book (or any connection to the book other than the title). I also expect to be accused of switching sides on the endless debate between the two intractable camps with arguments for and against “fast” zombies. A purist will fight against any zombie movie that doesn’t fit into George A. Romero’s vision. Everyone else is open to the idea of Zombies on crack. All I have to say is…

Get a life.

World War Z was a good zombie movie. I did read the book and I agree that there was very little in the movie that could be interpreted as based on the story as told by Max Brooks.

For example:

Some critics complain that you can sum up the whole movie by saying “Brad Pitt runs away from zombies, guns blaze, stuff explodes, the end” I believe that such a review is overly simplistic, and loaded with sour grapes because it didn’t follow the story in the book. Oh, and there wasn’t any spectacularly gory scenes, and the production values were too high, and Brad got all the good scenes, and so on… Boo.. hoo.. hoo…

Bite me. (Pun intended)

I enjoyed the movie. I liked the fact that in many of the scenes where you expected a gory bloody splatter fest the camera simply moved it slightly it out of frame. You knew what happened, but the gory effect was left to your imagination. Sometimes this is more effective. With this movie it worked like a charm. The zombies were creepy and scary as they should be. (The teeth clacking was way creepy) And the story went in a different direction than I expected. I was also kind of impressed that they killed off one of my favorite characters right at the beginning in an appropriate and realistic way. People unfamiliar with firearms should not be expected to calmly dispatch zombies; they are more likely to accidentally shoot themselves.

This was the first movie where I actually liked fast zombies. They were not inhumanly speedy like in some other movies, where CGI was painfully obvious. When there wasn’t any one around to chow on they just shambled around and clacked their teeth and hissed/shrieked. These zombies had some serious anger management issues, which I appreciate and understand. If I was an un-dead stinky zombie I would be angry all the time as well. They were pissed but not maniacal or dastardly. There was no self-reflection, or sad sack zombies wandering around hoping someone would feel sorry for them. Nope, every zombie had only one mission, infect the healthy. They were consistent and well defined in their behavior.

I also liked the fact that the hero didn’t have all the answers, his solution kind of sucked, and in the end he went home to his family and let others build on what he discovered. I hear rumor of a sequel, and I hope there is. I also hope that when it is made they do not cast Brad Pit’s character. This movie established the world and set the rules, I hope they introduce others to this world and see how they deal with it. That is how George A Romero worked his magic. And just because this world doesn’t fit into his vision doesn’t mean it is not a great place for others to explore.


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