20 round proof

Today is the last day of June, so I thought I would post this picture. No, it’s not gun porn. I am just trying to avoid becoming a criminal. Tomorrow this box will be illegal to possess or buy in Colorado. That is because it holds 20 bullets, rather than 15. However, there is a grandfather clause. Since there is no proof that I bought this five years ago, I am date stamping this on my blog.

No, I am not really worried about there somehow being an incident where I will be asked to provide some sort of proof of ownership. I can’t imagine a circumstance where this would happen to me. The only scenario where this would actually come play would he after a crime of some kind. To me this would be like being arrested for car-jacking and kidnapping and having a charge of speeding tacked on. But I am sure that something like this will happen on a smaller scale as well. It may prevent or lessen a crime somehow, I just don’t see a major impact. It provide lawyers some additional revenue.

I could go on a rant here, but I won’t. Don’t see any value in it. The country seems divided between those who believe the availability of a tool will create the desire to use them, and those who see it the other way around. This kind of thinking permeates all of politics. Give a man a saw and he will become a carpenter. Make paint available, and create artists. It makes sense, so the reverse must also be true. Make guns available and create killers. Make high capacity magazines available and create mass murderers.

I find it amusing that in the same state where magazine are being limited to 15 rounds that the same law makers also legalized pot. Doesn’t the availability of a weed make a person a drug addict?



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