Spinning blue circle of wait.

Every morning when I come into work I go through the same routine. I go directly to my desk, dock my laptop and press the on button. Then I leave for coffee while the machine boots up, this usually takes a good five minutes. After I get back with my coffee I usually find that the computer is not entirely ready to do my bidding. It takes a few more minutes to get to a useful pace.
This makes me wonder about cars and computers. Most people don’t really think about it, but cars are completely dependent on computers. Not only that, but they are dependent on computers that are networked. The computer under the dashboard is actually networked by a can-bus to the engine, brakes, tail lights, locks, alarm, horn, etc… The newer the car the more dependent they are on a properly functioning computer and a sound network.
Can you imagine how frustrating how it would be if our cars started in the same manner as our work computers (MS-PCs)? I won’t get into details; your imagination should be going wild at this point.
Road rage would be the new norm.
So why do we put up with this crap at work? Naturally this is a rhetorical question. We put up with it for two reasons. First, we are already at work and everyone has the same issue, everyone is even. The second reason is coffee. Any excuse to get coffee is a welcome one.

How long does it take for your PC to come to life?

Ps. While writing this my computer suffered a blue screen of death and had to shut down windows to prevent damage to the computer. However, the half-finished document was recoverable upon restart.
Does this fit the definition of irony?


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