Well, I guess I should be careful what I wish for.
In my previous post I mentioned that I like the variable weather we get in Springtime here in Colorado. Well ok, I give up. Enough snow already. It happened to snow on the same day as I had to make a trip to Pueblo, which is about a 160 mile one way drive. So off I went through Denver, Colorado Springs, then over monument hill (7000+’). It was snowing hard on the drive there until I got past Colorado Spring, then it just turned into misty rain. Denver driving during rush hour traffic is bad enough, but during a minor blizzard it added just the right touch of excitement.

I listened to talk radio on the way there, mostly to have something to keep me alert. Apparently Colorado passes a law legalizing gay marriage (civil unions) for the citizens of Colorado. A lot of people had strong opinions about that. I didn’t know it was against the law. Or why. Or under what circumstances would a policeman arrest someone. I understand what they mean, but it seems rather silly. You would think we would be advanced enough as a society to get over this whole gay marriage flutter.

Anyway after a twelve and a half hour day it was nice to get home and toss the frisbee around with the pooch for a while. While watching Gimli fetch the frisbee over and over again I thought up a good motivational poster for this photo.
Just because your born a miniature dachshund and your dick drags in the snow, doesn’t mean you don’t have a purpose in life.


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