Distracting, but amusing.

I just love my Honda Element.  To me this car is the ultimate utility vehicle.  I can sit upright in any seat without hitting my head, and being 2m tall this is a huge bonus.  I won’t go over all the aspects of how super this vehicle is, let’s just say that it should have come with a cape.  One of the things that we really liked when we originally bought the car was the lack of carpet. I appreciate being able to hose down the rubber mats with Armor-all for that just like new after 150,000 miles look.  However, it turns out that this can also turn into a bit of a nuisance.  If you combine the expanse of rubber floor with a lack of obstacles between the back and the front seats it creates a four by six foot flat ice rink for objects to move around on.  This makes returning from the grocery store an adventure in careful cornering. Luckily for us our driveway is uphill; most of the groceries that slide around on the trip home end up at the back.

Yesterday my lovely wife and I were at Target buying me a new camera.  And since it is close to Easter my wife had to buy all the makings for Easter baskets for the kids.  It hardly matters that our kids are in their twenties, they will continue to receive Easter baskets until they produce grandchildren.  That is the way of things.  Anyway, she bought some very large candy filled plastic eggs and bags, and assorted candy.  My contribution was to include a LED flashing silicone spiky ball for each kid.  Why?, because to me nothing says Easter better than alien looking silicone spiky balls that flash in different colors when they are disturbed.  It’s just how I roll.


I am sure you can see where this is going, but don’t get a head of me.

So we unload the car and my lovely wife takes the Easter stuff inside to hide it in a closet.  It is important to hide this stuff from the kids because otherwise it will spoil the surprise.  You would think that after 20 years they would figure this out.  Anyway this morning I found that one giant candy filled egg and one LED flashing silicone spiky ball managed to hide out and evade removal from the car.  They were hiding behind the driver’s seat and apparently decided that it would be fun to roll around while I am driving to work. So at five this morning while driving to work in the dark, I hear behind me some stuff rolling around.  No big deal happens all the time, but this time there is a strange light that makes the ceiling of the car glow.  Then when I stopped at a red light I turned around to look behind me.  I saw a plastic Easter egg roll up to the back of the passenger seat with a LED flashing Silicone spiky ball in hot pursuit, lights flashing.  The traffic light turned green and as I stepped on the gas off they go rolling into the back of the car.  This chase goes on and on all the way to work.  I see the ceiling light up in red, green, and blue as I drive along. 

I found this to be both distracting and amusing at the same time. 

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