The Sequester.

Long title: Cry havoc and let loose the b*(( $#!t

I have been listening to NPR on the way to work every day for about a month, at the same time I have completely stopped drinking.  I have to say that the combination has been quite challenging.  NPR has been banging the sequester drum like they their very lives depend up on it.  Each time they bang these drums, a movie memory jumps into my brain.  Then I want a drink.

“What we need right now is a clear message to the people of this country. This message must be read in every newspaper, heard on every radio, seen on every television… I want *everyone* to *remember*, why they *need* us”!

-Adam Sulter “V” for Vendetta.

This seems to be the message behind every report on National Public Radio in regards to government budget cuts.

Think about it for a second.  What are the main news items on just about any media program?  What is the implied message?

For those who lean left and read this blog, I understand that in the movie the villain Adam Sulter was a right-wing religious fanatic.  My point is not about Left vs. Right, or Republican vs. Democrat, or even Conservative vs. Liberal, Progressive, etc….  My point is that when government gets too big and intrusive and too generous with their help, the public eventually becomes dependent.

When the government begins to mandate help for the greater good the trap is closed.  Now it looks like even this is not enough, we also have to be reminded how much we need them.

NPR reported on the news this morning that America’s food supply is at risk due to mandatory budget cuts.  The logic goes like this:  There are factories that process meat, and the government mandates that these factories be inspected by federal food inspectors.  If the inspectors cannot be paid due to mandatory budget cuts and are furloughed from work, the factory will have to shut down for the day.  This will affect the prices and availability of food.  Maybe even food safety.  I guess we are supposed to believe that if a food inspector misses work for even one day, the evil profit hording corporate executives will order the unplugging of refrigerators to save money and tell the workers to start sprinkling cacogenic additives on the meat.

I am waiting to hear about the snowball effect when the government has to reduce the IRS by 9%.  Fewer auditors will cause a decrease in tax revenues because they don’t have the manpower to catch all those rich tax thieves.  When the government receives less revenue it will have to lay off more IRS agents!  The cycle will never end; soon the government will be broke!  It will have to borrow money!  Oh, never mind.

Maybe I am just being paranoid, but just seems that the emergencies and headlines are a bit more shrill and obnoxious than usual. The news sounds a lot like a thinly veiled threat of an extortionist.  I am looking forward to a day when these cries about government cuts sound more like a plea for relevance than a demand for respect.


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One thought on “The Sequester.

  1. End of times for sure. It is time to drink MORE, not less.

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