Robot Companion 2 construction progress

I have been working in my shop lately, an hour here and an hour there, but making good progress.  It is amazing how much you can get done in little pieces.  Eating an elephant can’t be done in one sitting.

My shop

My shop

Here is the progress so far:

Build the motor sub-base.

Install the drive system with articulating wheel retraction system.

Include limit switches and gears for wheel retraction.

Build aluminum frame and swivel back wheel.

Test drive system without controller.

Install battery compartments.

Install motor control board, Arduino, and relay board.

Connect battery compartments to on off switches and cover.

Install cover plate for front and include US sensor with back plane for all analog inputs.

Install status LED next to US sensor.






The next steps will go much more slowly.  I have to make all the interconnections between boards.  This takes time because I test each section as it is added.  Since this is all computer controlled, I have to make the connection and then write a test program, then check the function, then go back and test everything again to make sure there are no unintended interactions, complications, or consequences.

Also each new added system creates less room to work with.  This is kind of like making a sandwich by shoving the ingredients into the bread while the bread is in a sandwich bag.  So to extend the analogy the next step is adding mayo and mustard now that the meat is in.



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One thought on “Robot Companion 2 construction progress

  1. planetross says:

    It looks like everything is preceding normally. Well done.

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