Netflix and subtitles.


Recently Netflix has started to be available internationally.  Just last year I was online in Spain and I couldn’t get Netflix unless I went through a VPN connection to the US.  This worked out just fine, but had one issue that haunted me for a few months after my return.  All the ads that showed up on my browser were designed to target my shopping habits as if I was in Portland Oregon.  Now that I am in Denmark the ads are really screwed up.  While at work the internet thinks I am in Denmark and while I am in my hotel the internet believes that I am in Sweden.  So I am offered additional choices of movies from Sweden with Danish subtitles. 

Normally this is not an issue, but it did get disturbing this evening when I was watching a WWII action movie.  In the movie when the Americans speak I get Danish subtitles.  No problem, I find this educational.  But the German dialog is also translated into Danish, and this is placed over the movie supplied subtitles, which is in English.  Oh, well.  I shouldn’t complain. At least I get to watch what I want.

Sometimes I do watch some television on the TV in my room.  Some shows are regular American TV programs with Danish sub titles. Which is kind of fun because of the commercial breaks, unlike in the US the breaks for commercials are less frequent, but last longer.   Anyway, I stumbled upon one show that looked like a Christmas special.  The people in the show were speaking Danish; however it also had Danish subtitles.  This is unusual.  Then the scene would cut to some elves in a cave who were speaking English.  At least most of the time, sometimes they replied to what one elf said in English with Danish.  It all had Danish subtitles.  Really odd.  I asked my colleagues at work about this and they said that it was a very funny Christmas show that is done each year and I was lucky to catch it.  But they couldn’t explain what it was about.  Something about how the dialect was not normal Danish, but it was quite funny. 

They would try to translate the shows content to me, but I just didn’t get the humor.  It reminded me of when I was a child and the adults would tell a political joke.  They all laughed like hell, but I didn’t get it. Then I thought about how some people just do not get Monty Python. This thought made me smile.  Smile at my own ignorance.

There is something about smiling at your own ignorance.  I don’t know what it is.  But it makes me feel kind of warm.


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